Publications for Employers

The Supervisor’s Advisor: What to Do about a Union Organizing Drive
A 73-page manual authored by partners Frederick L. Sullivan and Richard D. Hayes that explains what supervisors can expect during a union organizing effort and how they can lawfully exercise their rights to communicate with and manage their staffs. Topics include:  The supervisor’s role, what to expect, coping with organizing, law of union organizing, exercising the rights of supervisors, and answers to typical employee questions.
Price:  $30.00 plus shipping

Handling And Preventing Employee Grievances
A 42-page manual authored by Meghan B. Sullivan and Frederick L. Sullivan of Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn that provides supervisors with guidelines on addressing and preventing employee and union grievances.
Price:  $24.00 plus shipping.

Recruiting an Employee without Recruiting a Lawsuit: Successful Techniques for Compliance in the Hiring Process
This practical, effective, and easy to use legal guide is ideal for supervisors and managers facing the task of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees. In language understandable to the layperson, the manual helps managers successfully and confidently steer a course through the maze of interviewing and hiring requirements and the essential steps in finding the right person. This is the perfect reference for those who interview applicants infrequently, for small businesses without a human resources department, and for organizations with frequent turnover. The guide’s topics include: the phases of recruitment, application, and interviewing, background checks, testing, and making an offer, along with sections on avoiding negligent hiring, documentation, and employment agreements. It also offers checklists, sample questions, and forms, as well as instructions for accommodating disabled applicants and religious needs, making it an indispensable reference.
Price:  $26.00 plus shipping

“Accepting Evolution in Workplace Justice: The Need for Congress to Mandate Arbitration,” by Frederick L. Sullivan, Esq., Western New England Law Review, Volume 26, Issue 2 (2004).
An examination of the current problem of using traditional litigation to resolve workplace controversies and an argument for using pre-dispute agreements to arbitrate workplace-related disputes as the most fair and effective solution to such issues.

Model Prohibited Sexual Harassment Policy
Based upon the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination recommendation.

Copies of Federal required employee notices

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