Our firm includes attorneys who focus on the concerns of educational institutions and who are familiar with the unique environments of higher education, public school systems, and private educational institutions. We provide guidance to administrators of private and public educational institutions and systems on matters involving both employees and students.

Our attorneys have teamed with administrators to develop solutions to the full range of employment and student-related matters. These have included union organizing, collective bargaining, affirmative action programs, employee terminations, arbitrations, student discipline, contract non-renewals, time-off and leave entitlements, non-discrimination, accommodations, harassment, alleged contract violations, and immigration visa issues. We have also assisted in the drafting of faculty handbooks, student manuals, employee handbooks, faculty and administrators’ contracts, and teacher agreements.

Our education attorneys are experienced in the investigation and remediation of harassment and discrimination claims, and we have trained administrators, faculty, and teachers in these subjects, as well as in privacy issues. We have also brought our extensive experience to defend colleges and school systems in a number of states from allegations of discrimination, both in court and before administrative agencies such as the Department of Education (DOE), the Vermont Department of Education (VTDOE), and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Our services offered to private and public schools, colleges, and universities also include:

Special Education and Accommodations for Students
We provide counsel regarding an institution’s obligations to students with special education or accommodation needs. In some cases, we may represent the institution before governmental agencies or courts in special education mediations or appeals. In others, we provide guidance with respect to the IDEA, Section 504, the ADA, and similar state laws.

Student Conduct
We advise on questions involving student discipline. This may include assistance in developing and implementing school policies and proper protocols for addressing issues of student discipline.

Constitutional Issues
We assist in constitutional issues involving students or faculty. These may include student rights, search and seizure, academic freedom, freedom of speech, church and state concerns, and due process rights.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We advise on issues related to the privacy and confidentiality of students’ records, as well as disciplinary or other proceedings involving students or staff.

Harassment, Bullying, and Hazing
We assist with issues related to the harassment, bullying, or hazing of students. This may include policy development and counseling around sensitive issues.

We assist with issues related to immigration for students and staff.

Policy Development
We assist in the development and drafting of school-related policies.