Well-trained managers and supervisors are the best protection against challenges to management rights and employment liability. With the emergence of each new employee right or employer obligation, the need for trained, knowledgeable managers increases in importance.

Our professionals are experienced and accomplished educators. They have instructed management on a wide range of employment topics, integrating both the law and practical application of the law. They often teach in a workshop style to enhance the learning experience, and they create programs based on the needs and circumstances of specific clients.

The management training programs that we have developed to address specific employer objectives include:

  • Successfully Dealing With The Difficult Employee
  • Does Your Employee Have to Come To Work?
  • Coping With “It’s Not My Fault”, “I’m Being Harassed!”
  • Workshop On Avoiding And Handling Sex Harassment Claims
  • EEO Awareness And Prohibited Discrimination Avoidance
  • Workshop On Supervising During An NLRB Election
  • Exercising The Rights Of Managers During Union Organizing
  • Retaining The Right To Manage a/k/a Union Avoidance
  • How Supervisors Can Remove The Welcome Mat For An Employee’s Lawyer
  • Supervisory Training In The How-To’s And Legal Issues Of Hiring And Interviewing; Evaluations; Controlling Absenteeism And Time-Off Entitlements; Grievance Handling and Avoidance; Employee Discipline
  • Best Management Practices For Keeping Personnel Decisions Out-Of-Court
  • Effective Discipline and Documentation
  • An Introduction To The Supervisor’s Employment Law Obligations
  • Collective Bargaining Negotiations: The How-To’s For The Negotiating Team
  • Managing With A Union Contract
  • Successfully Supervising Under A Labor Contract
  • Human Resources' Critical Role in Managing With A Union
  • Human Resources' How-To On Prevailing In Grievances And Arbitration Hearings