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Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn regularly updates clients with business and legal news from around the country. No matter their headquarters, clients are informed of the latest legal developments that could affect their businesses. From Western Mass. to New England, across New York, and beyond, the employment attorneys at Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn constantly seek the most current information about employment and labor laws.

2019-11-27 Disabilities and Leave Entitlements - A Management Lesson
In this Issue: Avoid hidden pitfalls and plaintiffs' attorneys when dealing with disabled employees ...

2019-09-24 VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION - New Overtime Exemption Rule
In this Issue: The U.S. Department of Labor just issued its final overtime white collar exemption rule ...

2019-09-04 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. REMINDER! September 30, 2019: Pay Data to EEOC 2. Strike Replacements' Status Must be Clear 3. U.S. Court of Appeals Applies New York City Discrimination Law to Massachusetts Resident 4. U.S. Court of Appeals Enforces Arbitration Agreement 5. Employment Arbitration Agreement Must Have a Carve-Out for NLRB Charges 6. UAW President's Home and Offices Raided by FBI and IRS in Union Corruption Probe 7. New York Federal Appeals Court Upholds Dismissal of Sexual Harassment Case Due to Plaintiff's Vulgar Comment 8. Non-Employee Solicitation Limited by NLRB

2019-08-09 Major NLRB Representation Changes
In this Issue: NLRB to propose major procedural changes in determining union representation on Monday, August 12, 2019 ...

2019-07-31 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Act Requires Immediate Action 2. EEO-1 Pay Data Must Be Filed by September 30, 2019 3. Year-to-Date Workforce Compensation Increases 4. New NLRB Rule for Employer Withdrawing Union Recognition

2018-06-19 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Arbitration Used to Block Pay Sex Discrimination Lawsuit 2. Massachusetts Public School Loses in Teacher's Disability Lawsuit 3. Class Action Blocked by Arbitration Agreement 4. Workplace Economic Developments 5. Cost-of-Living 6. EEOC Chair Sworn-In 7. Connecticut Ups Minimum Wage to $15 8. "Shut Up" - Not an Unfair Labor Practice 9. Wages - Prepare for New Salaried Overtime Rules 10. Hospital Cafeterias Now Off-Limits to Union Organizing 11. Rats and Cockroaches Being Exterminated by an NLRB Regional Director 12. Extreme Obesity Not an ADA Disability 13. Massachusetts Appeals Court Upholds Manager's Evaluation of Employee's Performance

2019-06-12 To Our Massachusetts Clients - MA Paid Family and Medical Leave
In this Issue: The Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Act's July 1, 2019 contribution implementation date has been deferred by three months ...

2019-05-14 To Our New York City Clients - A 'New' New York City Law - No Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing
In this Issue: As of May 10, 2020, New York City employers are prohibited from requiring job applicants to be tested for the presence of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana ...

2019-04-15 To Our Massachusetts Clients - MA Paid Family Medical Leave
In this Issue: A new major employment law affecting ALL Massachusetts employers is about to take effect. Extended paid time off will have to be provided to employees for the employee’s or the employee’s family member’s medical needs. Employers will be faced with continuing their operations with absent staff and will also have to pay towards the funding of employee leaves ...