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Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn regularly updates clients with business and legal news from around the country. No matter their headquarters, clients are informed of the latest legal developments that could affect their businesses. From Western Mass. to New England, across New York, and beyond, the employment attorneys at Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn constantly seek the most current information about employment and labor laws.

2020-03-16 AN EMPLOYER ALERT! COVID-19: What You Need to Know
In this Issue: COVID-19: What you need to know about the federal legislative response to the pandemic ...

2020-02-26 An Employer Alert! NLRB Fines CNN $76 Million
In this Issue: Today, the NLRB has issued a new Joint Employer Rule ...

2020-02-26 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Cost of Employment Law Violations 2. Compensation and Cost-of-Living Increases 3. Inflation - Consumer Price Index 4. Expand Prohibited Harassment Policy as a Risk Prevention 5. Job Stress Not a Disability 6. NLRB OKs Taping Captive Audience Meeting 7. Court Overturns NLRB's Ruling that Had Allowed an Employee's Threatening of Patients 8. EEOC Ordered to Pay $3.3 Million to Accused Employer 9. More UAW Officers Plead Guilty to Embezzling Members' Money 10. Increase in Number of Strikes 11. President's Budget Funds Proposes Parental Leave 12. Cubicle Cupid

2020-01-03 Workplace Law: An Executive Summary of Changes as 2020 Begins and 2019 Ends
In this Issue: A summary of changes to laws and regulations impacting workplaces in 2020 ...

2019-12-16 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Federal Appeals Court Faces Obesity 2. "Bits and Pieces" are Mosaic of Discrimination 3. U.S. Court of Appeals OKs FLSA Negotiated Settlements 4. Title VII Sex Pay Claim Doesn't Require Equal Pay Act's Equal Work 5. An Alert to Employers That Face Union Organizing 6. UAW Criminal Corruption Woes Continue 7. NLRB to Prosecute Hotel for Helping a Union Organize 8. "Shut Up" - Not an Unfair Labor Practice 9. Wages - Prepare for New Salaried Overtime Rules 10. Cost-of-Living Increase 11. Wishing All the Best to You!

2019-12-12 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Client Victory - No Probable Cause Found in Discrimination Case 2. EEOC Gets $486,000,000 for Complainants 3. Nurses Sue for Overtime 4. Cost-of-Living Remains Low 5. Wage Increase Predictions 6. Hourly Wage Rate Increase 7. UAW President Quits Over Bribery Charges

2019-11-27 Disabilities and Leave Entitlements - A Management Lesson
In this Issue: Avoid hidden pitfalls and plaintiffs' attorneys when dealing with disabled employees ...

2019-09-24 VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION - New Overtime Exemption Rule
In this Issue: The U.S. Department of Labor just issued its final overtime white collar exemption rule ...