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Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn regularly updates clients with business and legal news from around the country. No matter their headquarters, clients are informed of the latest legal developments that could affect their businesses. From Western Mass. to New England, across New York, and beyond, the employment attorneys at Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn constantly seek the most current information about employment and labor laws.

2018-09-12 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Attorney Fred Sullivan - Three Decades Named to "Best Lawyers of America" 2. Employee's Discrimination Lawyer Awarded $414,000 at $550 per Hour by the Court 3. Pay is Major Focus of Employee-Plaintiff Lawyers in Federal Court 4. When Focusing on the FLSA Wage/Hour, Don't Forget State Law 5. Yoga Time - "To Be or Not to Be Paid Time!" 6. Abercrombie & Fitch - "Uniforms" or Company Apparel? 7. More FLSA Litigation 8. U.S. Court of Appeals Rules that Company Arbitration Agreement Blocks FLSA Lawsuit 9. U.S. Court of Appeals Rules Unsuccessful Applicant Can Sue Under Fair Credit Reporting Act 10. "Weingarten" Discipline Rights Extended by the NLRB 11. "COBRA" Litigation

2018-09-11 To Our MA Clients - Changes to "Ban-the-Box" Law and Applications
In this Issue: Employers - Check your applications! Check your interviewers' practices! A New Massachusetts Law ...

2018-09-04 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. "Lawyer of the Year" - Meghan Sullivan 2. Inflation Nears 3% 3. NLRB May Okay Employers Blocking Employee Use of e-Mail 4. NLRB Orders Names of Harassment Witnesses to be Given to the Union 5. NLRB Facing Cuts and Restructuring 6. NLRB Member Pearce to Continue 7. Hospital Can't Stop Off-Duty Employees from Distributing Union Literature Outside of the Patient Care Area 8. U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Hostile Work Harassment and Retaliation Claim 9. Age Discrimination Lawsuit Tossed by Court to Arbitration 10. Male-to-Male Conduct Ruled to be Title VII Sexual Harassment 11. Fourth UAW Official Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case

2018-06-27 BREAKING NEWS!
In this Issue: Supreme Court Rules Public Sector Agency Fees Unlawful ...

2018-06-12 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Handbooks Revisited by the NLRB 2. Employer Job Ads on Facebook Face Lawsuit 3. Court Lawsuit Blocked by Handbook Arbitration Policy 4. Beware of Well-Intended Marketing Being Evidence of Age Discrimination 5. Workers Have Been Hurt by the NLRB 6. $5.1 Million Awarded in "Onionhead" Religion Case 7. Sex Harassment Case - A Teaching Moment for Employers 8. Misclassifying Workers is Costly 9. Filling Vacant Jobs Becoming an Employer Challenge 10. Non-Profits Subject to New Excise Tax 11. Casual Friday (and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) 12. Employee Retention Program at Walmart 13. Vermont Prohibits Salary Questions

2018-05-31 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Too Much Experience - Age Discrimination 2. Working While on Leave Not a Violation of FMLA 3. Volunteers at Non-Profit Employers 4. U.S. Court of Appeals Rules Working a Rotating Shift an "Essential Function" 5. Massachusetts Jury Finds No Discrimination but Awards $28 Million for Retaliation 6. Disability Burden of Proof 7. NLRB Judge Declares Moonlighting Prohibition Illegal 8. Court Rules Union Resignation Procedure Illegal 9. NLRB "Blocking-Charge" Rule May Be Revisited 10. New Jersey Enacts Paid Sick Leave