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Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn regularly updates clients with business and legal news from around the country. No matter their headquarters, clients are informed of the latest legal developments that could affect their businesses. From Western Mass. to New England, across New York, and beyond, the employment attorneys at Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn constantly seek the most current information about employment and labor laws.

2019-04-15 To Our Massachusetts Clients - MA Paid Family Medical Leave
In this Issue: A new major employment law affecting ALL Massachusetts employers is about to take effect. Extended paid time off will have to be provided to employees for the employee’s or the employee’s family member’s medical needs. Employers will be faced with continuing their operations with absent staff and will also have to pay towards the funding of employee leaves ...

2019-03-22 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. New Federal Overtime Rule 2. Protecting Against New Employment Law Consequences! 3. No Valentine Love for Unions' "Scabby the Rat" 4. Inflation Flat 5. 2018 Compensation Costs 6. 2019 Wage Trends 7. ADA Allows for Hostile Workplace Claim 8. What is Needed for Enforceable Court Waiver 9. Unions Are Limited in How They Spend Non-Members' Money 10. ADA Million Dollar Jury Win 11. Unlawful Discrimination and Adverse Employment Action

2019-01-25 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. 2018 Inflation Less than 2% 2. Union Membership Drops in 2018 3. Individual Griping Not NLRB Protected Concerted Activity 4. U.S. First Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Arbitration Agreement 5. NLRB: A Party Has No Say Over Other Side's Bargaining Committee 6. ADA - Hearing Impairments and the EEOC 7. NLRB: Collective Bargaining Duty 8. EEOC and Department of Justice Agree on Workplace Harassment Action Against Public Employers 9. Ten Paid Days Off in New York City

2019-01-04 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. 750% Increase in Workplace Investigations by Immigration Officials 2. 2019 Reminder 3. EEOC Prosecutions Up in 2018 4. Absenteeism and Leave Policies Result in EEOC Lawsuit 5. $3.2 Million for Attorneys' Fees Awarded to Whistleblower 6. Connecticut Medical Marijuana User Can Sue for Job Discrimination 7. Vermont and Marijuana 8. Reminder - Minimum Wage Increase in Massachusetts 9. Reminder - Minimum Wage Increase in New York 10. Reminder - Minimum Wage Increase in Vermont 11. Reminder - Federal Contractors - Minimum Wage Increase

2018-12-13 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. No Increase in Inflation 2. What is a Sufficient Religious Belief? 3. The EEOC Argues Having a Service Dog is a Reasonable Accommodation 4. The NLRB to Speed Up Case Handling 5. Wishing All the Best to You!

2018-11-20 To Our New York Clients - NY Paid Family Leave - A Reminder!
In this Issue: In 2019, workers in New York become eligible for 10 weeks of paid leave within a consecutive 52-week period ...