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Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn regularly updates clients with business and legal news from around the country. No matter their headquarters, clients are informed of the latest legal developments that could affect their businesses. From Western Mass. to New England, across New York, and beyond, the employment attorneys at Sullivan, Hayes & Quinn constantly seek the most current information about employment and labor laws.

2017-06-06 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. "Lawyers of the Year" - Best Lawyers in New England 2. New U.S. Department of Labor Secretary 3. Gender Wage Discrimination 4. Cost of Living 5. New York City Prohibits Seeking Applicants' Pay History 6. "Come-on-In" - Telecommuting Being Ended! 7. Individual Supervisor Liable Under Family and Medical Leave Act 8. Combining the EEOC and OFCCP 9. Paid Parental Leave 10. Labor Agencies to be Cut 11. Hiring and E-Verify

2017-04-17 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Cost of Living Drops 2. EEOC's Enforcement Strategy 3. National Right-to-Work Law Introduced in Congress 4. Even When the Employer Complies with the Law, the Employer is Guilty! 5. Does Federal Prohibited Sex Discrimination Prohibit Sexual Orientation Discrimination? 6. H-1B Visas and Prohibited Discrimination 7. Comp Time Resurrected 8. Replacing a 72-Year-Old with a 68-Year-Old is Age Discrimination 9. "Blacklisting" Executive Order Killed by President Trump

2017-02-17 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. And You Thought Football Ended with the Super Bowl! 2. NLRB General Counsel Determines College Football Players are Employees Covered by the National Labor Relations Act 3. Union Suffers Another Big Loss in the South 4. Big Jump in Cost of Living 5. Grandpa Care Qualifies for FMLA - Management Flubbed It! 6. A Teaching Moment! Calling Co-Worker an "Unstuffed Turkey" Results in Disability Harassment Action 7. Manager Said He Was Running a Business, Not a Day Care Center!

2017-02-01 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. New Head of the NLRB 2. New Head of the EEOC 3. Number of Union Members at an All-Time Low 4. NLRB Settling Unfair Labor Practice Complaints Over Employers’ Use of Class Action Arbitration Agreements 5. Increase in ERISA Violation Penalty 6. When is a Disability Accommodation Required? 7. New Healthcare Option for Small Employers 8. The End of Football Season – for Everyone but the Lawyers! 9. Seminar – Marijuana Legalization in Massachusetts

2016-12-15 Human Resource and Workplace Law Developments
In this Issue: 1. Wishing All the Best to You! 2. How Many Hugs for Sexual Harassment? 3. "Top Chef" Results in Legal Stew for a Teamster 4. ADA and Mental Health Conditions 5. Enjoined Overtime Rule Appeal Fast-Tracked to Precede Inauguration 6. Cost-of-Living Increase 7. Cost of Benefits Jump 8. Employer Does Not Have to Reassign Disabled Employee

2016-11-23 CLIENT ALERT! USCIS Issues New Employment Eligibility Verification Form
In this Issue: An updated Form I-9 was issued on November 22, 2016 ...

2016-11-23 CLIENT ALERT! New December 1, 2016 Department of Labor Overtime Rules Blocked by Federal Court
In this Issue: A nationwide injunction by a United States District Court against the United States Department of Labor was announced last night ...